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That’s right, this whole thing is a dream. You know dreams, you’ve had them before. Which means that the city is varying depending on the night. Sometimes it’ll be raining, snowing; hot or cold; or there will be something off with the people occupying the city at that time.

Sometimes the city may decide everyone’s hair is blue. Other days, it’ll decide that all the buildings are futuristic or maybe even medieval. Whatever happens, sometimes it won’t be too strange while sometimes it’ll be so out of whack it’s confusing. But don’t forget, it’s a dream; since when did all dreams make sense?

But while what happens in dreams never really happens, that is not the case with the city. If you see another character within the city and you go out for dinner with them, then that person is dreaming about dining with you. When they awaken, they will remember this, and in that way everything is real within the dream.

You are sharing your dream with everyone else present within the city. Some people will catch onto this quickly, while others it will take longer for them to speak out about this strange recurring dream they keep having. What will you do? Will you keep this strange occurance to yourself, or will you bring it up to those around you?

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