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Finally, you awaken. But it’s not your bed that you were sleeping in. You sit up, only to realise that it’s not your room that you’re in, either. Opening the blinds will reveal that it’s not your home, nor even your city, which you currently occupy.

In fact, the city you’re in doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before. Looking out across the buildings, you can see the edge of the city. The place would probably be much bigger, but there is, in fact, a cave wall stopping the city from expanding. There is no sky here, only more rock, blocking out all natural light. Only the neon lights of the shops and restaurants provide lighting.

It’s so surreal, it’s almost like a dream. While you explore the city, you pass people - some of whom you know, some of whom you’ve never seen before. It feels like you’ve been here before, even though you know you haven’t. There is no name to this place, no location.

You wake in your real bed, in your real home, to find that yes, that had in fact been a dream. At first, you pay it no thought and go back to sleep. But you dream of this place increasingly so as time goes on, and within a month you’ll end up dreaming about it every single time you sleep.

Living two lives - one of reality, and one of fantasy within your dreams - you continue on. Every time you sleep, your life switches between actuality and dreams. Time upon time you’ll see people within your dream that you know in real life - but what you don’t know is that they’re there because they’re dreaming the same exact thing you are.

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