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So here it is, finally. An FAQ to sort out any confusion you may have. If you have a complaint, question, or anything else that should be brought to the mods' attention, feel free to comment here and let us know. Useful questions will be added to this post for the reference of others. All comments are screened.

How come there aren't rules anywhere?
We like to assume we're all grown-ups and can behave accordingly. Please do. Failing that, contact a mod. Use your own judgement.

Is the RPG canon based or AU?
Please take your character from canon. Your characters should be true to canon, except for when they are within Circadia. Circadia is the only place in which canons will collide.

Can I apply for a character that's in more than one fandom?
We allow duplicate characters from different fandoms on a case by case basis. This means that if Aerith from Final Fantasy VII is taken, you can still apply for Aerith from Kingdom Hearts if she is open. Buffy and Angel, however, have characters of the same continuity - in other words, Faith in Buffy is the same Faith that's in Angel, so there will be only one version of her played at a time. Please write the history and personality sections according to the version and canon that you are taking the character from.

Can I come in chat if I'm not an accepted member?
Sure! Not a problem. We're a small comm still, so there's not always someone there, but you're welcome to come pop in and see if we are.

The events that happen in the city are pretty cool, but what if I want to make a mini-event specific to my character?
That's cool! We encourage this. Smaller events in groups are welcome, too. This is a dream, after all, and your character's subconscious should have influence. As a player, you can alter your own character, or your character's perception of reality, and that's it. If your character is attracted to character B, character A can see character B in a sexy outfit; however, character B is not actually wearing it. Only character A sees them that way. This is essentially limited only to your imagination; have fun with it!

Is there a limit to the player's ability to affect the dream?
Only what is described above. If you'd like another character to be actually affected, speak with the mun and work something out. If I would like my character to stay attached at the hip (literally!) to another character for a day or two, that can happen, but only so long as I speak to the other character's mun beforehand.

How are journals used? What's the difference between the main comm and the log comm?
Check the log comm profile page.

Do I really have to tag all the posts my character comments on?
Yes. You do. Please don't make the mods do it for you. Not cool, gaiz. :(

My character has powers! Do they keep them in Circadia?
Yes, usually. However, sometimes within Circadia they will lose their power, or it will become weakened - likewise, sometimes it may become stronger. If your powers have the capability of killing someone, you may do so for plot if and only if the mun of the character you are killing agrees to it.

My character died in Circadia! What now?
They will awaken in the real world as if it was all a bad dream, with no effects. Once they go to sleep, they'll find themselves back into the loop with dreaming about Circadia every night.

My character is dead in canon. Can I still play?
Of course! If your character dies in their real life canon, they become stuck in Circadia permanently. When they sleep, it's as if they're actually sleeping in the city and they'll wake up in their Circadian apartments.

My character got beaten up. When they switch to and from Circadia, how will they be affected?
Your character has the same body in both places. (Or do they?) If your character receives a cut on his arm in real life, it will be there in Circadia and vice versa.

When my character is in Circadia, does his or her body disappear in the real world?
In short, no. It works in return: while the character is in the real world, their body in Circadia is asleep. Technically, there are two bodies, but if something happens to one of the bodies it happens to both.

What's with the apartments in Circadia?
This is where your character will actually live within Circadia. Every time they come to Circadia, it will be the same apartment. If you decide to decorate, it will always be the way you left it last.

What about the natural setting?
In case you skipped over the descriptions in the other sections, let's reiterate here: the city is all in one big cave without any obvious exits. There is no sunlight and therefore no daytime or seasons. Sorry, but characters will not be waking up to morning light. Kthx. However, from time to time there are freak weather occurrences.

Do I have any influence on the events that are posted in the Circadian Rhythm?
Yes! All comments posted to an issue of the Circadian Rhythm are screened - this is so that you and other players of the roleplay may comment with suggestions for the next week. It can be a bit of recent news or an interview with that character, or it can be something unrelated to you that would be fun for all.

My character had an interview in the Circadian Rhythm! This is cool, but who interviewed them?
No one talked to the character, but a mod probably asked the mun! This is where the fun is at with the Circadian Rhythm; bits and pieces about your characters may be in the newspaper, but there shouldn't be a way for anyone in the game to know about it. The information will just show up in the paper and nobody will know how it got there. Creepy? Yes.

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