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Before applying, please check the taken characters post and the reserved characters below, and read every section listed in the middle line of the nav box (premise, dreaming, the city, FAQ and newspaper). There is a limit of five characters per person and two characters per fandom. There is no wait time between apps or reservations; apply when you like.

To apply, please copy and paste the text in the box below into a comment, fill out the form and post. As a rule of thumb, there should be at least six hundred words total for your app. We're not about to check the word count, but don't make them too skimpy, please. A moderator will look at your application within a week, if not much sooner. Please keep a copy of your application on your computer. Once you are accepted, post it into your journal for reference. Applications are screened after being looked at.

The appearance section is to gauge your descriptive skills. Assume that the reader is ignorant of your canon, and try not to reference canon events without explanation. Again, we are not unforgiving people, but this helps us judge your app more fairly. The examples you provide should pertain to Circadia, however introductory examples are discouraged. There is only a certain amount of introductory posts a mod can read, gaiz. D; Use creativity when writing examples and write something interesting for us to read. You are welcome to write other characters into the examples so long as the central focus remains on the character being applied for.

Please be aware of proper grammar and vocabulary in your application. We aren't grammar nazis, but if mistakes are shown repeatedly, we must judge you for it. We evaluate apps carefully and expect the submissions to be written just as carefully. In all cases you are welcome to re-apply as many times as you like.

Fill out this brief form and comment with the journal that you will be applying with so that we know it’s you once you do. Reserves will be screened after they expire, which is one week (EST) from the initial comment's timestamp. You may not reserve more than one character at once and you may re-reserve only once. Therefore, the longest you may hold a character is two weeks.

If you have any further questions about the way the game is run, check the F.A.Q. before contacting a mod.

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