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The city is just like any other city. It has weather, it has homes, it has streets. Restaurants, bars, clubs. You name it, it’s there. The only difference is that it’s set within a cave, and therefore is always dark - aside from the neon lights polluting the city.

When your character begins the dream, he or she always begins in a large residential building, in a bedroom. The lights are always off, the apartment neat and tidy. A key is laid out on the dining room table. This is where they will live during the dream. The dream always ends during sleep. When you awaken, you will be in your real bed in real life. The only way to switch between the Underground and real life is through sleep; it doesn’t matter where, or how. If your character falls asleep, they will switch location.

Your character may find and interact with other people within the dream. Whatever happens in the dream-world, stays there, unless your character brings it up in real life.

You may find the following within the city;


Giusippe’s Italian Restaurant
A quaint family-owned restaurant in the heart of the city. The fare is simple, but very good, and fairly priced. It's famous for a special dessert, the Explosion, a treat made up of ice cream, cake and some special toppings. It tastes like chocolate and pure happiness.

Thai Pepper Restaurant
A cute little Thai place near the park. It's calm, cool, and a good place to relax and people-watch.

Kung Pow Chinese Food
Bright, bold, and colorful, this small dining room and take-out counter serves some of the best--and cheap--food around.

The Koi Kafe Japanese Restaurant
A small, slightly dark place near the walls. It serves decent Japanese food, among other things. There are rumors of some shady things going on in the dark places...

Blue Sea Sushi House
Infamous for its fresh seafood and sushi, the Blue Sea Sushi House is rather pricy, but certainly worth the bill. It's one of the few places that the rare dish of pufferfish can be bought--but for a very high price.

Uncle Aldo’s Pizzeria
A fast-food chain that's become rather popular in Circadia. They also serve subs and wings. They deliver.

White Elephant Indian Restaurant
Feel the need for some spice in your life? Try their curry. It's made to kill your tongue.

The Best of Vietnam Restaurant
A small but formal restaurant that offers seclusion and peace to its guests.

Borscht and More Russian Restaurant
The top level is host to cold weather and hot borscht. The bottom? Secret alleyways, poker and much more.

Mom’s Hamburgers & American Food
For times that you can't get the grill to light.

Savannah Steakhouse
A casual place to hang out with friends after a long day.


The Railway Arms
Don't have a television, but need to catch the game of the week? Come here--there's plenty of snack food and booze for everyone. The Ultimate Sports Trivia Challenge occurs once a week.

The local gay bar. While membership is not restricted to those of the persuasion, anything violent or intended to start a fight will not be tolerated.

24 is the infamous dance club, which true to its name, is open all day, every day. You need to be eighteen to get in, as well as drink--legally, anyway.


The video game arcade. Hosts everything from a SNES to Shoot the Hoops. Filled with fun and fabulous prizes for all ages.

Scratched Reel Movie Theatre
An older theatre that hosts older films, some even in black and white. It's considered rather romantic.

[see BARS]

Augmented Fourth
Circadia's infamous karaoke bar. Features hits from all the ages, and a lot of fun. And booze. But mostly fun.

The Gateway
Enclosed in a rather elegant hotel is the Gateway Ballroom, a place where formal dances and other such events are held.


Circadia has a variety of healthy activities to burn off some fat or stress. Ice rinks, sport complexes, even a swimming pool... all can be found in or around the city. There's even a bowling alley, which seems to be permanently stuck in the fifties.


Circadia doesn't host much in ways of greenery, but a small park has managed to flourish in the town, somehow. A small natural spring wells up in the middle, the water cool, clear and pure.

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